Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Update for anyone who is still hanging around here...

Well, the last couple of months have been busy, routine, and with a fair dollop of stress from various sources.

Number One Son has been working through to the end of his Masters, having a bit of a crisis along the way, thinking that what he was doing wasn't up to standard.  His grades are coming back and although some are below his usual (not necessarily his own fault IMO) they are still enough to get him in as top of the year.

He comes home soon, for ever apparently!  Time to sit back and see what he wants to do next!

Our daughter became disillusioned with where she was working, so is now applying to go to a local University to study Forensic Science.  This means that she can live at home while she studies, which will be both nice for us and a lot cheaper for her!  Hope she gets a place!

Our younger son, Arnie, is in the middle of his exams, and has also had a bit of a crisis, not thinking that he is being taught everything he needs to know.  A ton of self study later and he is doing OK, feeling that things are going well now.

Roll on summer, eh?

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Oh my poor neglected blog

Yes, I seem to have turned into one of those bloggers...

But I have been doing this for 10 years now and I guess there is only so much to write about.

Life has settled down for the moment, work is steady and  a little more taxing than it used to be, meaning that the breaks that I used to use to write now tend to be spent trying to escape from my PC!

So there is not much to say today.

It is foggy outside, which I like.  Not the obvious thing for a cyclist to say, I guess, but I find that it slows the cars down and generally makes the journey more enjoyable.

Mrs RC is about to reach one of those birthdays, so to celebrate we are having a family day in London.  Number One Son will be joining us from Uni too, which will make the day even more special.  We will be visiting a couple of shops that we have wanted to go to for a while, maybe a market or 2, wrapping the day up with a meal in China Town.  Looking forward to it immensely!

Oh, and I have another Star Wars tournament at the weekend.  I now have so many ships that I am at a total loss as to which ones I should use.  So many options.  I will probably go with the ones I like most rather than the ones that I think are tough - my usual approach to things, which probably explains why I am poor and happy!

Hope to see you all soon!  I will be playing blog catch up later today, I promise!

Tuesday, 19 January 2016


Proper winter has finally arrived in England.

Over the weekend the warmish wet weather that has been with us more or less constantly since the early autumn has been replaced by clear skies, cold, crisp air, frozen puddles and ponds, and frosty grass.

Love it!  Of course, when there is ice on the road I have to be careful, checking for traffic before pulling into the middle of the road to go around it.  I know the roads very well, but don't want to get too intimate with them  :-)

Most of England also had a dose of snow at the weekend too!  It worked its way south, reaching London and the counties to the north and west of Kent, but we had nothing.


We like a bit of snow!

Custard loves snow, and will roll in it, making doggy angels.

Frou Frou hates it, though, as she gets it stuck to the fur around her feet and between her toes.  This does not amuse her, and means that she ends up being carried home, which is not an easy task given that she is rather heavy for a small dog and we still have 2 other dogs on leads!  If we do get some snow here I suspect that there will be 2 walks.  One for Frou Frou and Spot (who is rather attached to his bed that is next to a radiator) and one for Custard.  He likes to get out and about, regardless of the weather!

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Circle of Life?

Wow, famous people seem to be dropping like flies this year.

Lemmy was not the greatest singer or musician, but her was the arch-type rocker...

David Bowie needs no introduction.  His massive range of styles means that there can be few people who do not like at least something of his, even if it is only The Laughing Gnome or his Christmas duet with Bing Crosby.

His songs were the background music to my teen years, and I saw him live in the 1980s during the Glass Spider tour, which was amazing.

And the today, we here about the death of Alan Rickman, one of the greatest actors ever, IMO.  From the bad guy in Die Hard to Colonel Brandon in Sense and Sensibility to his wonderful role in Galaxy Quest, he always played the part to the full, tugging at heart strings with his subtle facial expressions.  Just watch this stuff from Galaxy Guest, a dumb spoof of Star Trek that he takes to another level.

A sad year so far!  Let's hope this is the end of it!

Monday, 11 January 2016

New Year is under way....

2016 has been very busy so far, both at home and at work.  Nothing in particular, just busy.  Part of the business at home has been that I now have a table in the bedroom where I can play small games with my Star Wars ships.  I have been able to experiment at odd moments with different combinations of ships and weapons.  Great fun.

We are still looking after Spot, my mum's dog, but on Saturdays I take him to her house for the day.  She is OK in the house, but still lacks the mobility to get out on her own, so this week I took her out in a wheelchair.  We took Spot to the park, where we saw this Mandarin Duck on the pond.

There was only the one, in with all of the other ducks, but he really stood out.  It seems that there are a few thousand of these in the wild in southern England these days.  Would be nice to see some more, and maybe some babies in the future.

Mrs RC has been doing more knitting and crochet.  One of her latest creations is this blanket that she made for my mum.  My mum loves it, and so does Garfield the cat!

The unseasonally warm weather has continued, and Mr Chuffington has failed to hibernate again.  He has not been very active, but he has come out of his bedroom each night to eat half a tin of dog food, and meal worms.  Tonight he was waiting for me to bring his bowl, so I snapped a pic.

I don't think he was very impressed...

Tuesday, 29 December 2015


I have had an amazing Christmas this year.

All of the kids have been home, and everyone has been in high spirits.  Not the most sociable of Christmases. but Armie's girl friend visited on Christmas Day and me had my mum over for Boxing Day dinner. Funny, but as my mum has got older she has become increasingly manipulative.  

My mum used to be the most selfless person ever, and still is when animals are involved, but with people she now likes to get her own way more and more.  So we had been planning our Boxing Day dinner when, at some point, she drops the comment that she has not had a good curry in a long time.

Not the most traditional of Boxing Day dinners, but it was rather good.  I made a really good curry with small chunks of beef in it - and the beef just melted in your mouth too.  It was a sort of korma, creamy, coconuty, and spicy enough to be delicious but not too hot.  This was served with home made naan breads and Mrs RC made some wonderful onion bhajis.  YUM!

This Christmas has also seen the return of my cooking mojo.  At some point I lost it, and have not wanted to cook for some time, but as Christmas got closer I felt something stir in me, and I have really enjoyed cooking again.  Mrs RC has also enjoyed letting me cook too!

Mrs RC has taken up crochet again, starting by making things for a local charity shop.  Having made some dinosaurs and reindeer and stuff for the shop, she decided to make a Yoshi for Number One Son.  This was done without a pattern...

Yes, she just made it up as she went, with no pattern of any sort to guide her!

As predicted, this Christmas was very Star Wars.  Not only was the new movie released and utterly wonderful, I got some new ships for my X-Wing Miniatures collection.

I knew I was getting these ones, including the big cockroach ship from The Empire Strikes Back:

But I actually got this lot!

They are getting an outing tomorrow, when 4 of us will be having a big battle at the local game store.  It is going to be spectacular!  I will try to remember to take photos...

Hope you all had a great Christmas!  I will be catching up soon.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Photo Post

I have been thinking that I have not taken many good photos this year.  On trawling through my files, I think I was wrong.  Here are a few of them.